Blurred Lines: The Contested Nature of Sex Work in a Changing Social Landscape, Graduate Journal of Social Science Vol. 11 No. 2

A free, open-access journal edition on the complexities of the sex industry.


Available Here

In December 2015 we finally published the journal edition I had been working on together with Laura Connelly, University of Leeds (@laura_connelly5) and Gemma Ahearne, Leeds Beckett University (@princessjack).

It really does have some fantastic contributions so I recommend giving it a read and/or forwarding to those who may be interested. We tried to balance sex worker voices with pieces from academics, so you will find a number of articles from those working in the industry. Whats more, as both Gemma and I are particularly interested in visual methods having used them in our research, we really wanted to include some visuals. For this reason Toni Stone’s photo essay is a very welcome addition. All of the authors have put forward some great ideas and it really makes this a great guest edition.

It was a year in the making and while we all had great fun putting it together, I’d really like to thank Laura Connelly for driving it forward. And thank you to all of the authors, peer reviewers and copy editors who had so much patience with us while we put it together.

I’d love to hear any comments you have on the journal.


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