About the Research

About the research…

Broadly, the research focuses on how time is used and experienced at work and at leisure, especially within the context of the current economic climate. There is a fair amount of knowledge about mainstream employment and time within this context and I want to build on this by looking at ‘informal’ economies, specifically the indoor sex industry.

So… The research attempts to identify how independent, indoor sex workers have experienced the financial crisis and austerity measures; exploring how they worked before and how changes in economic conditions have affected their working decisions and practices since. In particular, I am interested in how the time of sex workers has been affected by economic conditions and also how sex workers organise their time at work.

In particular, I look specifically at the services sold within the commercial sex transaction; identifying changes to client requests and the services offered by sex workers, in order to explore the relationship between service provider and consumer.  In fact, considering it is usually an allotted time that is sold within the transaction, I am interested in how this time is managed by sex workers.

Using these narratives, themes relating to work trajectories are explored more widely in terms of women’s position within the labour market. Although sex work is often considered to be positioned within an informal economy, the research draws on evidence to suggest it is increasingly mainstreamed in the way that it is organised. The findings will therefore have wider relevance to women’s work in general.

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