My name is Laura Jarvis-King and I live and work in Leeds. I’m 30 years old, have two dogs, love food and wine, hate small talk. I have just returned to work after maternity leave and am getting back into the swing of things.

I decided to return to study a few years ago and completed my undergraduate and masters degrees in Sociology and Social Research at the University of Leeds.  During this time I became focused upon gender and sexuality; specifically how this is represented in space and time.  My undergraduate dissertation focused on an evaluation of visual methodologies in studying the lap-dancing industry and an exploration of visuals surrounding the industry. I developed this further during my masters with an exploration of the spaces consumed by indoor sex work.

Throughout all of this I have had the good luck and honour of having Professor Teela Sanders as my supervisor. We share fairly similar outlooks on sex work although our research focuses are different.

During my PhD research I have also worked with Basis, a Leeds-based sex worker support project. Here I helped to complete a needs assessment for both indoor and outdoor sex workers as well as offering outreach.  I have also worked on a quantitative study of internet sex workers, funded by the Wellcome Trust with Teela Sanders and National Ugly Mugs. Based on this, a larger project – Beyond the Gaze – has started, which I’m not involved with but I encourage you to have a look at.

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My University staff profile is available here.

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